Take your skating to the next level

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As a hockey player have you ever wondered about your ankles and the impact that they can have on your skating stride? 

Ankle Dorsiflexion is the backward bending of the foot/ankle, decreasing the angle between the foot and the lower leg. This is very important for your skating stride because it allows the knee to shift forward over the toes while keeping the skate blade flat on the ice. This will help you create a long powerful stride out on the ice. Who doesn’t want that?!

Half Kneeling 3 Way Ankle MOB

Start in 1/2 Kneeling upright position.  Keeping the front foot flat, drive the knee as far forward as possible. Take the knee over the small toe, midfoot, and big toe. Try this daily for 3-5 reps on each ankle to improve your mobility and skating stride.