Get a Longer and Stronger Skating Stride

Acumen Performance adheres to the Sports Medicine Model of care. Strength and Conditioning coaches of Acumen integrate with Athletic Therapists and Orthopedic surgeons to provide essential and extended care for each individual. We are experts in injury diagnosis, injury rehabilitation, and all things strength and conditioning.

Last month, we explored how the ankles can affect the stride and how maintaining proper flexibility can help to achieve a greater stride length. We are going to stick with the skating stride and how the hips can also be a contributor to a longer, more powerful stride.

The ability to push hard out to the side (hip abduction), is a significant source of skating power and efficiency at high speeds. While at the end of each stride you are pushing back (hip extension) because you are moving past the ice. 

The 3 Way Abduction Extension is one of our favorite exercises to improve hip mobility, knee bend, stride length, balance, and explosiveness. It allows us to get the athlete comfortable in a deep knee bend position, which is paramount for a long powerful stride while addressing any stability or hip extension issues.  

3 Way Abduction Extension with Miniband

Place a miniband around your ankles. Get into an athletic, hinge position with fairly deep knee flexion. Keeping one leg stable, drive the other leg directly out to the side, 45 degrees backward,  and finally straight behind you. The whole time keep your leg underneath you stable and have a deep flexion in the knee and the hip. Try this for 2-3 sets for 6-8 reps per leg before you skate.