Focus on Your Hips

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This month, here’s what you can expect:

Off-Ice Training – In Partnership with Acumen Performance

This month’s video highlights hip mobility and, specifically, hip abduction. How important is hip mobility to a hockey player? Imagine you have increased mobility, longer stride length, better balance and more explosiveness. How much could that help your game? The ability to push hard out to the side from a deep knee bend is paramount to elite hockey players, so you can expect this month’s video on 3-way abduction extensions to be highly supportive.

The video is available NOW on the course dashboard.

VS Key Topic of the Month – Focus on Your Own Path

Now that the vast majority of players have settled with their teams for the year, the question becomes: “What should I be focusing on?” In a world dominated by social media, achievements, sunshine & rainbows, our team has put an emphasis on keeping locked in on your path. The ability to stay mentally sharp and composed for your goals (versus worrying about what everyone else is doing) is extremely important to succeed at the higher levels. Hockey is a marathon, not a sprint. And the athlete who appears “further ahead” right now, could end up well behind for the marathon concludes. Controlling the controllables, focusing on development and enjoying the process will unlock your potential to conquer your objectives.

Quote from Bennet Hanbrook (Nebraska Omaha NCAA Division 1 – Assistant Coach)

“A lot of the time, the guy who is further ahead at the moment ends up in the same locker room as the other guy down the line anyways. It’s who got the better reps and development along the way, that will succeed once they get to that point.”

The video is available NOW on the course dashboard.

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Our company has the privilege every day of working with elite student athletes and young men & women with driven mindsets. We take pride in supporting their goals, and providing a comprehensive approach to open further opportunities. Whether it be at the minor hockey level, Juniors, Collegiate, or Professional…. we are passionate and focused to bring our best for you. If you are ever interested in working with our team, or discussing our full services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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