“Resilience” – The Kaleigh Quennec Story

The Kaleigh Quennec Story – “Foundation” 🎥 P.1

The Visionary Sports team is proud to present “Resilience- The Kaleigh Quennec Story” in collaboration with Treadstone Sports Agency. This project is meant to feature Kaleigh Quennec’s incredible story, her passion for the game, her career, and empower other student athletes & female hockey players as she reveals the next chapters in her life’s work.

ALL EPISODES ARE OUT NOW! Watch the playlist above to see the full series!

What’s Next for Kaleigh?

The Kaleigh Quennec Story – Looking Ahead EP. 4 🎥

In the final episode of the series, Kaleigh talks about what’s next for her career and how she hopes to leverage her unique experiences to motivate others to achieve their dreams.

No matter if it’s teaching, coaching, or playing hockey, Kaleigh strives to make a meaningful, positive impact in people’s lives. We can’t wait to support Kaleigh wherever her journey takes her.


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