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Our team of hockey executives and advisors work with elite hockey players at all levels and provide a hands-on process to achieving their goals, whether it be at the Junior A, Major Junior, NCAA, U Sports or Professional level. The Visionary Sports group provides a 4-pillar system to empower every individual we work with on and off the ice: athletic performance, academic excellence, character & professionalism, and exposure to new opportunities.


With unmatched passion and a unified drive to make a difference, our team will always be at the rink providing a support system for our families. By sharing our experiences and knowledge, we aim to prepare our clients for success and to ultimately help them in achieving their vision.

Athletic Development

We believe in growth and constant self-improvement. The best athletes in the world have a relentless hunger for getting better and developing their tools on the ice, and are students of the game. We support that mindset with transparent and consistent communication, on-ice development, showcase opportunities, feedback from elite coaches and much more. With a personalized gameplan, we are able to support our hockey clientele in evolving their game and finding new ways to achieve success.

Amplified Exposure

Our staff take pride in being proactive in finding opportunities for our players. We correspond with a dense & personal network throughout the hockey world to open new pathways for our clients and support them in finding the right fit for their goals.

Advisor Guidance

Our team has been in your shoes. Tough decisions, multiple options and uncertainty on how to handle situations that arise. Our passion stems from supplying an experience & service we wish was present years ago for ourselves. We are here to provide support, guidance and information to simplify the process for the player and their family.

Marketing Strategies

Now more than ever, it's vital to capitalize on marketing opportunities. Visionary Sports covers all the bases in promoting our clients from custom video packages, leveraging social media platforms, building detailed player profiles and supporting our players in developing their own personal brands.
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Academic Excellence

Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Academics are crucial in the recruitment process, so we work as one with our clients to prepare & execute in high school, post-secondary or on the SAT examination. Whether a player is looking at the NCAA, major Junior, or other pathways, we provide foresight to ensure they never run into academic hurdles.

All-World Experience

The journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination. We believe the dynamic with Visionary Sports should be about much more than hockey. It should be about building character, increasing awareness for professionalism & personal growth, and giving back to the community. If we have done our jobs right, our clients should see tremendous growth as people while thriving in their hockey careers.
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