Social Impact

“The Visionary Way” means providing resources and opportunities for our hockey stars to achieve the unthinkable in their athletics, academics, personal growth and social impact. We want our young men & women to strive for exceptional on and off the ice. This means creating an environment where student-athletes can give back, support their communities, and make a difference.
Athletes have a unique opportunity through their personal brand and within the community to affect change and help others. Through commitment, passion and dedication to various causes, our student-athletes go above and beyond to leave a positive imprint and make a difference. Our goal is to empower each of them to maintain this focus and to understand the influence they can have every single day.
Because of our family mentality with our clients, we are confident that the teamwork between our staff and student athletes will lead to amazing results. If we are successful in the process of working together, the Visionary athletes will not only achieve their vision in sport, but also in the world around them.
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